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Tom’s Arthurian Legacy

Tom’s Inheritance: Tom thinks he’s just an ordinary teen, but then his grandfather disappears and things become weird.  When he’s summoned to the Other by Vivian, the Lady of the Lake, he finds he has links to a past that he thought was myth. He has to wake King Arthur from his long sleep on Avalon.

Twice Born: After a year of exile, Tom is back in the Other with King Arthur. He joins his friends in the search for Nimue, a powerful witch who has disappeared. But has she been taken by force, or is she deliberately hiding? Arthur is convinced it’s about Merlin. Against his better judgement, Tom follows Arthur on a dangerous trip that could end his new life before it’s even begun.

Galatine’s Curse: Tom has established a new life in the Otherworld, a life he loves. He lives with Arthur in New Camelot, and Arthur is hosting a tournament. Eager to test his sword-fighting skills, Tom’s competing.  But while the games are being played, his friends are attacked and everything he loves is threatened.  Tom has to find the intruder before anyone else gets hurt.

If you love magic, mystery and old myths with a new twist, you’ll love this re-imagining of the Arthurian legend.

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