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Countdown Deal on Twice Born

starting Friday 2nd June

Twice Born is dropping to $0.99 on Friday June 2nd on Amazon.com, until June 5th when it goes up to $1.99 US.
You have 1 week to buy at a discounted price until it returns to $2.99 on Friday 7th.
It’s had some great reviews so it’s a great chance to grab a discounted copy. I’ll send out a reminder nearer the time.

This is to coincide with the Science Fiction and Fantasy Author and Artist Faire starting tomorrow on the 29th May – I’ll be popping in on Friday 2nd, I’ll update later in the week.

Here’s the blurb –

Tom is finally back in the Other, and once reunited with King Arthur he joins the search for the missing priestess, Nimue. Their investigations suggest she is deliberately hiding, but why? Arthur is convinced that Merlin is involved, and puts them all at risk to find him, especially Tom. 

In this fast-paced race across the Other, Tom encounters strange beasts, ancient gods and dragons, and finds friends nor foes aren’t quite what they seem. As Tom’s life is threatened, will he have the courage and skill to survive?

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