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My third book in the series Tom’s Arthurian Legacy is out on the 20th March, Galatine’s Curse, and is available for pre-order now! To celebrate the release I’m running a giveaway and am very excited!

Author:  TJ Green 

Book:  Galatine’s Curse – Book 3 in Tom’s Arthurian Legacy series. 

Genre: YA Arthurian Fantasy 

Release: 20th March 2018 

Pre-order available now

Amazon US,  Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU 

Kindle ISBN:  978-0-473-42827-3 


Paperback : 978-0-473-42824-2 

What’s it about?: 

An ancient sword. A dark secret. A new enemy.

Tom and Arthur are living at New Camelot, and Arthur is hosting a tournament. Eager to test his new sword-fighting skills, Tom is competing, but while the games are being played, someone attacks their friends. Before anyone else gets hurt, Tom needs to find them.

Tom’s sword, Galatine, seems to be the focus of these attacks. Their investigations uncover Galatine’s dark history, and a family secret that reaches into the present. Tom has to act quickly if he is to prevent another tragedy.

Galatine’s Curse is the exciting third book in the series Tom’s Arthurian Legacy – stories about Tom’s adventures with King Arthur. If you enjoy magic, mystery, dragons, mythical creatures and ancient gods, you’ll love TJ Green’s re-imagining of the Arthurian legend.  


Deep in the tangled centre of Inglewood, Tom eased his horse to a stop. In the silence that followed he listened for movement – the crack of a branch, the rustle of leaves, the skitter of footfall. Thick mist oozed around him, muffling sight and sound, and he admitted to himself he’d lost the hunt. 

And now something was following him. 

Tom heard the low throaty growl of the wolf moments before it leapt at him. He pulled Galatine free of its scabbard and lashed out, knowing he had only seconds before the wolf ripped his throat out. He felt its hot breath and thick matted fur, saw a flash of its wild yellow eyes, before feeling the sword cut deep into its side. It fell back into the trees, yelping. 

Midnight bolted, and Tom grabbed the reins and held on, trying to calm her down. As they pounded through the wood, a branch whipped across his chest, knocking him to the ground. Midnight disappeared into the mist. Winded, Tom lay on the damp forest floor, wincing as he felt his ribs aching. He hoped Midnight hadn’t gone far. Enisled was a long walk away. 

He rolled to his feet and immediately froze as he again heard the low cunning rumble of the wolf, followed by a spine-tingling howl, repeated again and again as the pack arrived. 

He was surrounded. 


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