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In order to celebrate the release of Buried Magic on the 22nd November 2018, the first book in my White Haven Witches Series, I’m running a gIveaway!

You can enter here.

You could win a signed paperback copy of Buried Magic, a pack of tarot cards, and some witchy swag – runes, spells and other stuff!

Second prize is a $10 Amazon gift voucher.

Buried Magic is on pre-order now for 99c until 22nd November 2018.

You can buy it here before it goes up to full price of $3.99.

Here’s what it’s all about:

There’s a reason witches leave White Haven.

Or at least that’s what Avery keeps being told. The problem is, she doesn’t know why.

However, after she inherits a rune covered box and an intriguing letter, she has plenty of reasons to find out the mysterious past of her home town, perched on the Cornish coast.

But she’s not the only witch in White Haven. There are five of them, all with an age old connection to the town and its magical roots.

One of them is Alex Bonneville. After disappearing for a few years, he’s back, as handsome as ever, and keen to get Avery’s help when he starts having dark premonitions.

Now is the time to uncover the past.

Now is the time to reclaim their heritage.

But someone will do anything to stop them.

When quirky White Haven turns into a battleground of magic and demons, only the White Haven Witches can stop it.

If you love urban fantasy with a twist of romance and plenty of magic, you’ll love book 1 of the White Haven Witches Series.

Buy Buried Magic now.