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Book Review – Dark Descent: A Gage Finley Adventure

By J.D. Dudycha

A few months ago I reviewed Scavengers: A Gage Finley Adventure (Caribbean Series Book 1). It was an action-packed adventure, and I’ve just finished the second book.

Dark Descent picks up a few months after the last one, and Gage is now an extremely wealthy and famous man, due to his success in salvaging Scavenger. But the price of success is that some people want to use you, or in Gage’s case, use his daughter Niki. Niki has been kidnapped to help an unscrupulous team find treasure in a difficult to navigate, underwater cave system. This book is also action-packed, it doesn’t stop from beginning to end.

I really like the characters, and the story’s also good – lost treasure, the Caribbean, – it’s great escapism. Unfortunately I found some of the story didn’t work for me. Gage did a few things that didn’t make sense, and his side-kick got beaten to a bloody pulp with seemingly no after-effects and he was raring to go the next day. The bad guys also got away with doing some fairly unbelievable things.

There was no back story about the treasure the bad guys were after either, which is a shame, as that really added to the story in the first one. This book was all about the chase rather than the treasure.
Niki is a good female protagonist so it was great to see more of her in the story. I did enjoy this book, but unfortunately also found some things really annoying.

The end of the book sets up the next story, so I won’t say anything else, but it sounds intriguing.
If you like your adventure fast and furious, then have a look on Amazon  and Goodreads.

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