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Book Review: The Island of Lost Forevers

by Megan Cutler and James Abendroth

A couple of weeks ago, Megan appeared on my blog on a blog tour, promoting the paperback of her book. Since then I’ve read it, and here’s the review.

The Island of Lost Forevers is the first book in the Mystical Island Trilogy, about a mysterious island that appears off the coast of  San Francisco. No-one knows where it has come from, or how long it will remain.
Catilen and Damian, the main characters, are both practitioners of magic, and work together in the local university. They decide to try to get on the island to investigate where its come from and who may live on it. But it won’t be easy, because the government has military patrols in the area.
Once on the island they find that the Lord of the Island is a mysterious and powerful man called Sentomoru. The island is a place which moves between worlds, and alien visitors stay there. as a sort of holiday resort.
While Sentomoru seems benevolent and generous, they quickly realise that’s an illusion, and that he wants Catilen for himself. From then on things become very dangerous.

There’s lots of things to like about this book. It’s an intriguing notion, to have an island travelling along mystical leylines between worlds. Both the island and its master have powerful magic, and can easily manipulate others.
I also liked Catilen’s and Damian’s magic. Damian’s magic is based on the knowledge of arcane power, whereas Catilen’s is nature based, compared to Wicca, and she’s also an empath, but Damian’s seems to be similar to the magic wielded by Sentomoru . Both keep their magic a secret from others.
The story is told in close third person point of view, and moves between Damian and Catilen.
The characters are engaging and believable, and the island is like another character. The only jarring thing for me was the level of detail and thoughts shared by the two main characters, especially as one scene would often be described twice, from both characters point of view. This slowed the story sometimes, and also meant information was repeated.
However, I really enjoyed the book, it was a fast read and a page turner, and I wanted to find out what was going to happen. It’s an indie book, but well-edited and produced, which is always good, and you get a taste of the next book in the series at the end of the story.

A great read, and highly recommended if magic and fantasy are your thing!

It’s on Amazon if you want to have a look, or you can check out Goodreads.

Happy Reading!


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