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Book Review: Chroma, Imogen’s Secret

by B Fleetwood

YA fantasy with a touch of romance

Another excellent indie published book.

Chroma, Imogen’s Secret, is about a seemingly ordinary 16 year old girl who has the ability to read people’s auras – their Chroma – so that she knows their emotional state. This ability also allows her to transmit and read thoughts through touch. She also heals quickly, runs quickly, and uses advanced technology. She lives with her comatose mother and has a close relationship with her grandfather, who, she finds out, has been keeping secrets about her past. There’s also the strange anomaly with her birth certificate, and she keeps having a recurring bad dream.

Things become threatening when a mysterious boy called Araz turns up who seems to be very interested in her abilities, and suddenly her entire life is threatened.

This story is told from the third person point of view, mainly Imogen’s, although we also see from Araz’s as he tracks her. In between the chapters of the present day are Tanastra’s Chronicles which relate the back story to the present day events.

Imogen’s Secret, the first book in a series, is a well written and engaging paranormal adventure, with a touch of romance that doesn’t dominate the story. It’s well grounded in the present day, and I enjoyed the fact that it was set in part in Birmingham in the UK. The characters are believable and engaging, and it’s well plotted, the story moving forward constantly. There’s plenty of action, but this was balanced with nice moments of reflection. I highly recommend it!


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