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Book Review: Fifteen Postcards

by Kirsten McKenzie

A historical mystery/fantasy/time-travel

This story is a mystery and a historical race through different countries, all linked to 15 postcards.

The main character, Sarah, has taken over her parents antique shop after they have disappeared, and she buys a deceased estate. As well as the postcards there are all sorts of objects, some of which have the power to transport her through time and place, and they are linked to the former owner and her history.

The story is vividly written, both the present day and the places Sarah find herself in. I particularly enjoyed the Indian setting, but I love stories set in India. I live in New Zealand so really enjoyed the story there too.

The story and characters are skillfully joined together, and I found I was racing ahead to see what happened. It operates on several levels. There’s the mystery of her parents disappearance, but also the story of the deceased estate, and the history of the descendants. And of course the mystery why she can time travel at all.

I was a little frustrated with the end, as things seemed unresolved, and then I realised there’s a sequel! I’m looking forward to reading it. Highly recommended!


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