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MTW Book Review and Author Interview – Aftermath

by George Weinstein

George Weinstein’s Aftermath is another great mystery thriller.

Aftermath is the story of Janet Wright who finds she is the sole inheritor of her father’s estate, the father she hasn’t seen since she was five when her mother fled the house with her and her brother. Since then she has had no contact with her father, so knows nothing about him or the small town of Graylee where he lived, and she was born. She turns her back on life in New York and returns to her hometown, but to a very mixed reception.
Her father was shot, and the murderer also killed by the police, but things don’t add up. Nobody seemed to like her father, and she senses there are secrets in the town that the locals don’t want to talk about, secrets that concern her father. Despite the town wanting to keep its secrets close, Janet can’t resist trying to find out more. Unfortunately she then finds her life is in danger.

This is a great read. Janet is an intriguing character, battling many of her own personal demons, but it makes for an entertaining fast paced read. Janet discovers all sorts of undercurrents and connections in Graylee. The town’s characters are interesting and believable, and the town’s secret is chilling.  The secret is also fascinating because of the moral dilemma it presents, which makes you consider what you would do in such a situation. If you enjoy a good mystery thriller, this is for you! Highly recommended.

Author Interview
I enjoyed your book, it was a fun read.

1. When you did you first start writing?
I’ve written since I was six years old, when I scripted and acted out plays with my stuffed animals, to entertain my brother and sister.

2. Are you indie or traditionally published?
I’m traditionally published.

3. You have written a few books, are they all mystery thrillers?
No, in fact Aftermath is my first mystery/thriller. My earlier novels were Southern gothic, historical, modern romance, and a children’s chapter book. I don’t recommend this as a strategy for writers trying to make a living through book sales! It’s much smarter to pick a genre, develop an expertise therein, and build a loyal fan base. My only defence is I have a broad range of interests and choose to write about the stories and characters that intrigue me, diverse as they are. Not a good “business” strategy, but at least I never lack for inspiration or enthusiasm.

4. What inspired you to write Aftermath?
When I read for pleasure, my choices often are mysteries and thrillers, so I thought it was about time I wrote one. The specific story and heroine inspired me because I enjoy writing novels about plucky, resourceful people in overwhelming situations far beyond their areas of expertise, where they must use imagination and tenacity to overcome obstacles.

5. You seem very active in writer’s groups and conferences. Are you a full time writer?
I am—and this is facilitated by my remarkable wife who, on my fiftieth birthday, encouraged me to quit my job and write every day. My other calling is to help writers fulfil their publishing dreams and learn more about the craft and business of writing through the Atlanta Writers Conference (www.AtlantaWritersConference.com), which I direct twice yearly for the 103-year-old Atlanta Writers Club, where I am a former president.

6. What are your plans for the next book? 
My next novel is a thriller about a web radio interviewer whose husband is abducted and will be murdered unless she agrees to interview the kidnapper on the air as often as he wants, a twist on the Arabian Nights tale. The fact that I am remaining somewhat within the same genre as Aftermath is a stunning departure for me. Hopefully this won’t invoke the wrath of the literary gods.

You can find out more about George Weinstein here.

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