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MTW Book Review – Gate 6… Murder at Black Oaks

by ED Degenfelder

My last review for MTW 😡 and sadly no author interview, but nevertheless, a great book!

This book is actually the second in the series, the first one being Unkindness of Ravens which also has some great reviews. However when I read Gate 6 … Murder at Black Oaks I didn’t have any problems following the story.

This story follows the main character Madeline Abbot and the two police offers, Scott and Isabelle, from the first book. Madeline has inherited Black Oaks, a run down mansion, from her parents. However the ownership is contested and then her ex-husband is found murdered at the house. In addition there’s the riddle of whether a hoard of gold is hidden somewhere in the house, and it seems there’s quite a few people out to get it.

The story is told from multiple view points, and is a fast paced read that keeps you hooked from the start. There are a couple of sub stories running along too, as well as the simmering romance between Scott and Madeline.

It’s well written and the characters engaging, so now I’ll be checking out the first one.

If you enjoy mystery, action and romance this book is for you!

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