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Book Review: The Carrigan Painting

The Mysteries of Billamore Hall Series, book 1, by BJ Richards

Mystery Novellas

This is a review of another book by an indie author. It’s a short read, designed to be read in a couple of hours, and is the first in a series of novellas about Billamore Hall.

The first story starts with the main character, Sandra, starting her job as the curator of the Billamore Hall Museum. Unfortunately her appointment follow the murders of the previous three curators.
Just before the official opening, Sandra finds an old corridor in the basement of the museum, and a painting that seems to be inhabited by a ghost. She is haunted by the lady in the picture and is led to try and work out who she is and why she is haunting her. She finds a family connection, and the mystery deepens.
This sets off a chain of events in which Sandra is attacked, and she needs the help of her friends Josephine and Nathaniel.
At the end of this novella, although one of the mysteries is solved, there are still many questions needing to be answered.
This is a fun read for those who enjoy cosy mysteries, and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series. I must admit that I really like the idea of short linked novellas, it’s a great way to structure a story.
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