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Book Review: The Miranda Contract

By Ben Langdon

Superheroes with uber powers!

This review is on a book by another indie author. I’ve already reviewed it on Goodreads and Amazon, but thought I’d share it here.

The Miranda Contract is about superheroes, or uber humans as Ben Langdon calls them; humans with naturally enhanced powers. The plot centres around Dan Galkin who has the ability to draw on electricity and use it. Otherwise he’s a normal enough kid, trying to avoid being dragged into super-villainy by his crazy grandfather, the Mad Russian, who seems determined to make Dan pay if he refuses to comply.In order to get Dan to join the game he manipulates a few other uber humans into his plans to kill the innocent Miranda, the global reality superstar singer. Dan finds himself in one mad race to try to protect Miranda, himself, and other innocent people, whilst for a while having his powers suppressed.

The story is told mainly in the present, but also uses flashbacks to show how the Mad Russian manipulated Dan as a young teen and how he made friends with other uber humans. It is also told through various points of view, mainly Dan, Miranda, and the Mad Russian, although as other characters are introduced we also see from their viewpoints.
The action is pretty much non-stop, the story starting mid-action scene, and it progresses from there. This makes for a fun action-packed ride, although my preference would have been for some slower sequences, as those that were there worked well and allowed for greater character development. I would also have preferred the story to be told through less viewpoints, which would have sharpened the story.

However, having said that, the two main characters were very engaging; there was a nice spark to their relationship which grew and changed with the story. And the story was lots of fun, very energetic, and it was great to see Dan progress from a teen hiding from his uber powers to fully embracing them. I’m curious to see what happens next!


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