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Book Review: The Purloined Pictograph

by Terry Marchion

A fun-filled sci-fi adventure!

The Purloined Pictograph is the second adventure involving Christopher and his uncle Tremain.

It’s set on another earth, that feels a little like this one, but with different technology and a different history. In this story a small part of a pictograph is found that archaeologists believe came from the group that set up their own society after the first settlers arrived on the planet. For years, no-one has known where they went. Now a team is put together to find the rest of the pictograph and hopefully the lost city.

Christopher and his uncle join the team, but things start to go wrong when a woman from Tremain’s past turn up with some underhand intentions. This sets off a chain of events that involves imprisonment, teleportation, hidden traps, and a labyrinth. This is a great adventure read for teens and older that’s a real page turner, as we wonder if they’ll find the city and what does the mysterious woman think she’ll find?

Christopher is an engaging lead, and his uncle Tremain an eccentric adventurer, giving the story the feel of a Jules Verne or Arthur Conan Doyle adventure.
It’s lots of fun and highly recommended!


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