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Two Book Reviews

One is travel escapism and other adventure escapism!

At Home in the Pays d’Oc: The story of two accidental expatriates by Patricia Feinberg Stoner

I do enjoy reading about someone’s experiences moving to a new place, especially when this place is warm and hot, and somewhere I’d like to be!

This is a lovely stroll through Patricia’s life in the Pay d’Oc when she and he husband bought a holiday home, and then decided to move there permanently – for a while – all because of a dog!

It’s a very humourous look at their attempt to live in France, absorbing its customs and peculiarities. Or as I call it, living the dream! Although it doesn’t come without some difficulties, funny though they are, animals included. Patricia describes house renovations and negotiations with the french legal system, conquering the language, dealing with a difficult neighbour, and getting involved in local customs. Patricia writes with a warm engaging tone, great to read if you fancy an escape in the sunshine.

A very enjoyable read  – highly recommended! You can buy it here Amazon

Scavenger: A Gage Finley Adventure by JD Dudycha

My second book review is a classic tale of adventure, treasure and revenge on the high seas! Gage Finley has long had an obsession with the wreck of the pirate ship Scavenger after he found a flintlock on the ocean floor that belonged to the captain. It’s an obsession that has ruined his relationship with his daughter, and sees him regretting lost time with his family. When more evidence turns up of the wreck he mounts a search, but an old adversary wants to beat him to it. He has to decide who he can trust, not only with the treasure but with his life.

This is a well told story, with believable characters, an engaging story line, and a very unlikeable psychopath. The action is broken up with some nice moments of reflection and banter, and some great female characters have lots of action too. If you like your fiction fast and furious, this is for you!

You can buy it here – Amazon

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