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Cornwall and the White Haven Witches

On the 16th May Magic Unleashed will published – it’s on pre-order now. It’s the third in the series, and the stakes are rising. Be prepared for more action, magic, and threats to Avery and the other witches.

But today’s post is all about Cornwall. Why did I choose Cornwall for the setting of White Haven Witches? Well, because it’s beautiful! It’s one of my favourite places in England, and I’ve spent many happy holidays there – most of them camping. There was one memorable holiday where we camped on top of a cliff above Looe on the South Coast, and a storm rolled in. Good times!

The White Haven Witches is set in a typical fishing village/ town on the south coast, but White Haven is fictional. In case you didn’t know, Cornwall is the toe – maybe that’s foot? – of England, so has both north and south coasts. I’ve set White Haven between Truro and St Austell, not too far from Mevagissey.


However, in Magic Unleashed we get to trek around Cornwall and visit St Ives and Zennor, and also Mevagissey.

I decided to make up a place to set my book in rather than setting it in a real town for artistic purposes. Harecombe, the home of the Favershams, is also fictional, but both are modeled on real Cornish places.

I did not take this! Isn’t it beautiful?

I do visit some real places in Buried Magic and Magic Unbound too. The Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro is real, as is the Courtney Library. While I’ve described the museum using photos from the net, the library is purely my imagination!

This is where Avery and Alex break into, to find information on the witch trials and the Favershams! When I next return to the UK, I’ll go and visit.

Zennor Quoit

I also talk about St Ives in Magic Unleashed, and that really is known as an artist’s town. It’s not far from Zennor, where a mermaid once visited, and outside the village, on the edge of the moors, is Zennor Quoit, a ruined megalithic burial chamber. Dark deeds happen here – in my book of course, not really!

There are lots of places I’ve visited that I haven’t written about, but that have influenced my story. For example, Boscastle has a witch museum, and so has White Haven, and if you’ve read Buried Magic, you know quite a lot happens there. It was long time ago when I visited, and I’d love to go back.

Boscastle Witch Museum
I think it’s only fair I show an image of the inside. Isn’t it great?

Avery loves her home in White Haven, and I think you can see why. Of course White Haven is a special place with a magical history; I see it as little like Glastonbury, a place strongly associated with magic, myths and legends.

So, hopefully, you now have an understanding of some of the setting for my series, and if you ever have the chance to visit Cornwall, I hope you enjoy it. There’s a lot I haven’t mentioned, maybe I’ll save that for another time!

In the meantime Happy Reading, and here’s a link to my series.


  1. Mary says:

    I enjoyed your information on Cornwall, an enjoyable and interesting amble around the quaint, beautiful buildings. Narrow streets and alleyways with lots of atmosphere. Lovely, thank you!

    1. TJ Green says:

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Trisha says:

    Well,I always knew Cornwall was beautiful and magical, but enjoyed the tour.
    Love the books, too. Please keep going. We need more British witch novels!

    1. TJ Green says:

      Thanks Trish! I’m working on book 4 now.

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